Wellington Log Homes Supply List

WLH offers a variety of Log Home Materials. Please call: 814-757-8822 or

Send E-Mail to: Dana Wellington for more info and current pricing. Last updated March 20, 2017.

Log Home Kits custom built to your specs. Please call to discuss your project.

Eastern Red Pine Hand Peeled Logs. We have an over stock and would like to sell these before Spring. Logs are an average of 20-25' long and 8-14" in diameter. Excellent for natural looking beams, rafters, joists, porch posts, etc. Call for prices.:

  hand peeled hand peeled

Eastern White Pine & White Cedar  D-Shaped Logs in the following sizes (more styles available. Please note that our wood products are sold by LINEAR FOOT (LF):

  6" H x 6" W                    6" H x 8" W                              8" H x 8" W  

  6x6                 6x8                          8x8

Eastern White Pine and White Cedar Log Siding:   See Log Siding Page


                   "2 x 6" Log Siding                               2" x 8" Log Siding

2x6 Log Siding                  2x8 Log Siding    


White Pine Paneling

1" x 6" Tongue and Groove   1x6 PanelingOne side is V-Grooved, other side can vary. Excellent quality with very little waste. Random length, sold by Linear Foot.

Interior DoorBlack Forged Hinge

We are an authorized Dealer for all Acorn Manufacturing forged hardware. This is high grade, iron cabinet and door hardware available in many styles and finishes. The hinge shown above is one style that is popular. This style features an old fashioned door thumb latch.

Display Hutch>Tin Lined Window Storage Seat

We have several custom furniture items that we have made especially for our log home customers. We are offering this service to the public. Each piece is made to your specifications and quality handcrafted. Please call for more information.

Lag Screws with Washers 10" x 3/8"

Stress-Skin Rigid Foam Insulation Panels: Prices vary according to specs.

Foam Products:

Self-Sticking Gasket 3/8" x 5/8"

Self-Sticking Corner Pads 4" x 6"

PVC Windstop Splines (Sold in 8 Ft Long Pieces)

Also available are custom made templates:

  • Templates for Routing Electric Boxes in Log Walls
  • Jigs for Log Rafters
  • Jigs to keep log corners plumb
  • Custom templates to meet your needs
  • Call for more info

Prices do not include Shipping and Tax and are subject to availability. Due to market fluctuations, it is best to contact us for current pricing. Please allow ample time for custom orders. Thank you for your business. We will do our best to meet all your Log Home needs. Call for other items such as Log Railings, Door Hardware, Custom Kitchen and Bath Cabinets .

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